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celebratedrecluse wrote

so if companies are stopped from releasing toxins, the earth can in some cases recover within human lifetimes.

something to think about. the future is in our hands now


bloodrose wrote (edited )

Agreed. However, the only reason our governments were actually willing to ban the chemical was because the patent was running out anyways and the company who had it wasn't fighting the ban and were instead patenting and pushing a new chemical. They fought it until they got the patent for Freon going.

The only way we can stop global warming is to figure out how to make some asshole rich for doing so.


lautreamont wrote (edited )

OK so that is the most shocking science article I've seen in a long time. Not due to its subject, that is misleading, but due to how it shows that the polar induction zone has not only drifted a lot towards Russia, but also splitted in two... which may indicate a destabilization of the geomagnetic field.

EDIT: this kind of event doesn't seem to be new, or so rare...