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avbeav wrote

During an online memorial in honor of the Holocaust Remembrance Day in Berlin, pro-Palestinian protesters interrupted a Zoom chat with survivors by posting pornography, Nazi images and shouting anti-Semitic slogans

This could very well be legit. Where I live, there are certain ill-informed, perhaps somewhat conspiracy-minded people who claim to be pro-Palestine while also spewing Holocaust denial, and who get way too much media coverage.

Obviously the presence of such bigots does not discredit BDS or justify Israeli apartheid, but I wouldn't rule out the existence of such Zoom trolling and, to me, the news paper seems legit even if biased.


[deleted] wrote (edited )


avbeav wrote

Germany [...] allowing for neonazis to take part

Ewww, even in Germany? The enemy of our enemy is also our enemy sometimes, I guess.

I've seen some BDS demos in France being even held on April 20th.

Well, if people want to get high at their protests... (Just kidding, but I had to look up the other meanings of that date)


rot wrote

neo-nazis sometimes take advantage of anti-israel movements to be anti-semitic this news site could be taking advantage of real news to attack bds