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Raico wrote

Maybe its just the negative on me, but I can't avoid getting nervous on the upcoming crisis given that (aside from the obvious human suffering it will provoke) if something its fascism that will benefit from it.


IchDieneNiemandem wrote

No it's not just you. I'm scared that shit is going to hit the fan big time.

And with the fascism part, yeah you're right. They will benefit from this but so will the the left I guess.


kore wrote

so why ain't they givin gas away for free????


ziq OP wrote (edited )

they are. the oil companies are literally paying companies to take the oil now. doesn't mean the petrol stations are going to give it away for free though, they'll just make 114% profit.


Pop wrote

well, this might be significant!


videl wrote

Now if only this was caused by people taking action and not a pandemic. what a dream