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Hey everybody. This is my first post here. I'm glad to be part of this community.

As someone who is autistic/aspie, I always felt this self-hatred for myself in that I felt that who I am limited me developmentally and that I am not as capable of some things unlike other people. Does anyone here feel self-hatred for who they are? And how do you combat it?



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froop wrote

I don't have that. I do sometimes believe bad things about myself. I address that by intentionally laughing at criticism and writing down any affirming things people say about me.

Learning how to examine/question your thoughts and beliefs is the way. And learning about how the mind projects guilt onto everything. If you're really serious about this, there are books you can read.


AutisticAction OP wrote

For me, I guess it's more about wishing I was like everyone else so that I can save myself the pain of underachievement. But then I tell myself that even neurotypical people struggle with underachievement and that I shouldn't wish to be someone else and that there are plusses with me being me.