Submitted by syllaby in NeuroDiversity

"Long after the other person has forgotten the interaction, I will be able to recall the entire experience, moment by moment, and how it made me feel. This creates a lot of unnecessary internal stress. I would go home, and that thing someone said to me or that awkward misstep would still be running through my mind while I was trying to spend quality time with my son and my husband. I was preoccupied, instead of engaged. I was melancholy, instead of nurturing. Larry would ask me if anything was wrong, and all I knew was to say was that I was tired. It wasn't a lie, but I didn't realize that more was going on below the surface. I didn't think burdening him with work-related stress that had nothing to do with work, and everything to do with silly interactions with colleagues, was appropriate. [...] an ASD brain will play and replay these kinds of negative experiences over and over again [...] looking for what exactly went wrong in the interaction (Had she snapped because I'd asked her via email rather than in person? Should I have worked or framed it differently? Did I miss some larger context that I should have spotted? Should I have waited an extra day before following up?) and how to avoid it happening again in the future."



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