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I'd like to say that I'm only in the first few episodes of Part 2, but I love the show so far. I think the acting is good, the planning, occasional narration by Tokyo (implying she is the one telling the story to us or someone she's talking to), the characters' personalities, etc. I find myself constantly rooting for the team included in the heist, and the show seems to encourage that. I find this interesting, because not a lot of TV shows I've watched try to get you to root for the criminals, or portray the criminals in a good light.

The only thing I don't like is the English subtitles don't say what the English audio is saying. I've only noticed this on a very small amount of shows on Netflix, but my hearing can be bad sometimes, and that combined with snacking while watching the show can be bad.

If anyone ever sees this, have you watched it? What are your opinions on it?



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mofongo wrote

I saw the first two part and refuse to see the others. I enjoyed it but can't say much without slipping a few spoilers.


thelegendarybirdmonster wrote

I quite liked it too, although I found it hard to suspend my disbelief in season 3. The first two seasons are 10/10 though!

Since it's originally spanish with english subtitles, maybe they had two teams different teams for the translation? Audio translations prefer "flow" to accuracy.


Arcstrider OP wrote

Maybe! I find it kind of interesting that they didn't subtitle after they translated the audio, so there's not many discrepancies. I think anime studios do this?