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lookin4 OP wrote

Ẁhat do you mean by that? The presentation of oneself as non-mainstream in public or gain unwanted attention of the landlord or the authorities?


OldHippieChick wrote

This is an issue my family is dealing with. Any suggestions on how to help houseless people without attracting unnecessary attention from hostile neighbours would be appreciated.

If I can't safely host a public internet connection, I would like to do something similar to freedombox or a piratebox with both practical information for houseless people and "comfort food for the soul" type fiction and ideally children's books and DIY manuals for self-education.


lookin4 OP wrote

Um, maybe you know a place where you can produce stickers. Imagine some basic harmless, unimposing symbols such as circles, triangles, squares and so on. Paste them in different colors in a size in which they can be placed on your bell besides your family name or on your door.

Now design some more stickers, lets say in postcard-format, that will explain the different symbols and colors. Now paste or distribute them in your community and put a map or directions like arrows as well, so it to lead to the place or your home. Or, to remain fairly anonymous, put contact information like websites, e-mail adresses, phone numbers on it. But this could be a symbolic and acutal obstacle for those in urgent need.

Just a spontaneous idea, unfortunately I don't know any recipe for a invisibility-soap or similar, which could help the undocumented, nomadic, homeless and activist people way better and avoids attention of hostile neighbors.

I like your idea of this sort of box! Do you live near a main road or downtown? It would be awesome to develop that idea more. In my area there are not much people around, because I live in a rear house, in one of the outlying districts of the city, but maybe I will do a experiment to see if there is a need I don't observe so far.