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Dear Comrades! It's been a heart wrenching times in this week since the earthquake struck in Turkey/Syria. My dearest brother and comrade in the world is from Hatay, Turkey, a region very devastated by the earthquake, and it has been difficult to see him trying to get hold of family to see if they are alive from Gothenburg Sweden where we live.

He and his wife have set up a campaign to help his sister and nephews, as well as their neighbours to get back on their feet. Thankfully they are alive, but the road to normalcy will be long. All their possessions, as well as their appartments are gone. The campaign is to help them get clothes, pay bills, rent, until they can get back on their feet.

If you have anything to spare, please consider donating! You can read more about it from my friend's own words, and details on how you can donate here: [link removed -ziq]

The people of the region are particularly diverse, from a number of different ethnicities and religions. It has been fascinating to hear about the coexistence and solidarity of Hatay from my friend whilst we walk the cold streets of Sweden. As you might guess however, this makes this region particularly prone to discrimination from Erdoğans regime, and the region is known for not voting for him. So if you ever felt anger at the crimes he and his regime commit on a regular basis, why not channel it by showing love to real people on the ground who need help.

Much Love to you all, stay safe in solidarity!

TLDR: My dear friend's family in Turkey have lost everything in the last earthquake; please consider donating to help the people there!



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kinshavo wrote

Sorry fam we are all broke here. Hope everything turns out ok for your friend and family


ziq wrote

no way to know if this is a scam, but it very likely is, so i'm removing your link


Fool wrote

Novice tip - Mutual Aid is Mutual.

But I wish you well, and hope your charity drive is fruitful if legitimate.