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There is a country in Europe where women don’t have access to the “morning-after pill”.

Poland is a christian democratic, eurosceptic and national-conservative ruled country, where there are so-called “LGBT-free areas”. It already had one of the harshest abortion laws and decided by the end of 2020 to strengthen it even more. This country forces women to get their abortions abroad in that it doesn’t allow them to buy the morning-after pill and only permits abortions when the life of the mother or the child would be endangered by giving birth or when the pregnancy was caused by a rape. This situation robs women of their right to self-determination. During the big protests against the hardened abortion law, at the end of last year, you could hear the hundreds of thousands of women shout in the streets: “Moja macica nie kaplica” – “My uterus is not a chapel”! But their protest and their anger were soon silenced by the conservative polish government under the guise of infection protection, and the responsibility for the law change was given to the Polish Church, which is a great force in Poland. The Polish women stand against this male dominated government with their anger and their demands, but they are not heard. Let us be in solidarity with the women in Poland! Help us to send them the morning-after pill, which you can obtain here without a prescription. Come on the 8.3.2021 from 11-14h to us at Hasselbachplatz to give us your donations. If you can’t come, our fundraising action on Paypal to buy the pill for polish women goes until March 18.



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