Do you have the audacity to jam with me?

Submitted by OldHippieChick in MusicMakers

I couldn't resist the bad pun. Audacity is free as in freedom cross-platform extremely user-friendly audio editing software:

and I unapologetically suck as a musician, but miss the social aspect of jamming with other less-than-professional musicians and don't see why this software woudn't work to transcend time and distance sorta kinda good enough with the right community.

Figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Just ignore me if I'm being weird again.



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GrimWillow wrote

I may not throw in any accoustic, but I want to look for an excuse to make a glitch-trip-hop remix. Never done this before, but I like the genre, and the idea of the challenge to learn about how.


Fossidarity wrote

Great idea! In what way do you see collaborating with Audacity work?


OldHippieChick OP wrote

I don't see why we can't use it any way we want to.

We can lay down whatever track we want, zip up the folders, and bounce the audacity files back and forth with email or any other reasonable way of sharing files.

When I'm in the mood to jam and my neighbours are at work, I can lay down the rhythm guitar track or fill in with "la la la"s. The drummer can lay down the beat when the practice rooms are free and nobody's studying for finals even if it's 2 AM where I live.

Why not? We're not stealing anything from the pros by using freely available tools for our own amateur purposes.

Just because we are amateurs and play music because we love to doesn't make us "less than" the pros who have every right to hate their day jobs as much as we hate our own.

I have no interest or ability to make money from music right now and it's oddly freeing.

Wanna jam? I seriously suck so bad right now that I can't help making others look good in comparison.

:D :D :D


Fossidarity wrote

Haha I'm not downplaying your idea in any way. Fuck "pro's".

I would like to join with this idea, the only thing is that I don't have much free time to focus on that, and musically I'm really really horrible.


OldHippieChick OP wrote

Then we're two of a kind. :D

I've just been using the anonymous disroot uploader lately. Fuck email.

I'm up for anything you're into.

My current projects include an anti-war medley that begins with and culminates in an honestly raw, awkward, and tentative and acoustic version of: which wasn't even an oldie-moldie-goldie yet when I first started singing along.

I'm also into breakup/love sucks songs as long as they are at least as self-empowered as Liz Phair's "Fuck and Run" or "Flower" and Gwen Stefani's "Don't Speak".