Can you recommend a privacy-friendly alternative to Ultimate Guitar?

Submitted by noordinaryspider in MusicMakers

Music is my Achilles heel when it comes to internet security culture, I'll admit it, but Ultimate Guitar doesn't understand the GDPR and I seriously don't need data miners putting me on any more lists just because I have very eclectic tastes in music.

Simplified tabs are fine. I'm not a rock star, nor do I want to play one on TV, i just enjoy my acoustic twelve string and like classic rock, punk, folk, old protest songs from the '30s and '60s, older oldies from the late 1800s, experimental microtonal music that makes you think people will think you've flipped your lid if they catch you listening to it, Grateful Dead 4 dummeez, Reggae 101, and most likely a whole lot of other no-longer-commercially successful and unmarketable sound art I don't even know about yet.

See, once upon a time there used to be this thing called music........


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