Advice/commiseration on picking up guitar again after 17 years?

Submitted by gone in MusicMakers

I didn't completely stop playing, but it was only one or two times a year. When I first got back into it, it was more like trying to stop before I completely trashed my voice or my fingers got all bloody.

Then something happened that made it taste bitter and I haven't picked it back up again in a week.

I don't want to stop playing again, I just want it to be part of who I am, not all of me.


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MurrayBookchin wrote

I think just getting back into a habit of playing it regularly is important. Put it somewhere where you can just pick it up and play whatever you want for 10 minutes or so. Then maybe once a week sit down for a bit longer (30mins to 1hr) and work towards something like the main riff to a song or a catchy melody.

I hope that's given you some ideas, keep practising!