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Pop wrote

It warms my heart that there are likely many people like Will who are taking direct action against the concentration camps, and we just aren't hearing about it

Still I am sad that we lost a kind anarchist


Splinglebot wrote (edited )

looking forward to when capitalists start generating radical anti-capitalist music to sell me

or not they'll probably try to create algorithms to figure out exactly what they need to play to deradicalise me into a spinless liberal

and when it figures I'm too far gone for that the algorithm will inform the robocops who will automate my mysterious disappearance


OldHippieChick wrote

This is a haunting article.

I find myself thinking about it a lot and talking about it to grizzled, street-worn elders who only half-believe me. It doesn't "give me hope for a better world", but it definitely radicalizes me to fight for what we still have that is good. It invigorates the same part of me that says, "Yes, they're all mine and yes I know what causes it---LIVING NEAR A UNIVERSITY!!!!!!" when I see advertisers/corporations try to rip off kids.

As a very bad, talentless, inherently lazy musician, I don't have very much to offer the world. A single dollar or a handful of change is usually all I make busking, which is cool because that's about what I'm worth.

But some things are worth more than money, and music happens to be one of them.

A world without music by 2030 is going to happen over not just my own dead body, but the dead bodies of a very, very large generation of which I am personally one of the very last, final, tag-along baby sisters.


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Majrelende wrote

When you create a submission, paste the link into the section titled “link”.


OldHippieChick wrote (edited )

He sucks a lot worse than your worst possible off-key rendition of "Home on The Range" possibly could.

Ten years from now, you can pry this gee-tar out of my cold dead hands but today I'm posting these links:

hth somebody or at least makes you laff