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I ended up buying all their tapes at the show and like sold my whole tape collection a couple years later for like in my opinion insane amounts of money to people on discogs, kinda feel bad that owning physical copies of some of their stuff is so inaccessible tbh. Some of those tapes I will realistically never see another copy of in my lifetime. But whatever I guess, hopefully whoever has those tapes now really cherishes them.


Kinshavo OP wrote

Against Psychic Nazism

Lyrics: Marcelo Ariel
Base: Ismael Sendeski & Nigro, KF
Epigraph & Incidental: Geraldo Vandré

"Who's going to listen to me? Who will understand me? No one can suffer anymore..."

All attempts to control, limit or destroy chaos form the essence of psychic Nazism,

Chaos is indestructible and multiplies itself through galaxies, words and silences.

Psychic Nazism smells like flesh

We in the name of the continuous poem stand against the neo-positivist psychic Nazism of the self-help books

And against the pseudo-nihilistic and semi-hedonistic psychic Nazism of the drug culture.

Psychic Nazism feeds on the dilution of anguish in a pragmatism or utilitarianism disguised as ethics-aesthetics of emptiness that in turn feeds on the logic of the immediate possible of the dictatorship of things

Chaos has already proven through history that life moves within the impossible and dissolves things in the acid of time-death. In the acid of ecstatic time.

Chaos is ambiguous like an electron
Now it is a visible chaos particle
Now it is an invisible wave of superchaos.

Chaos is not a theater

Psychic Nazism is an inner scenario built by the dictatorship of concept-things

Hyperchaos is not a poem

No words have ever touched reality, this explains why writers and poets always fail when they try to defeat psychic Nazism with words alone

But verily I say unto you, that poetry outside words is infinitely more powerful than the dictatorship of things, and it will come as a living wave from within the hyperchaos

Everything we call reality will be consumed by this devastating wave of dream.