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Syzygy wrote

Love dälek. Lots of great lyrics throughout their discography. A personal fav of mine is from Hold Tight:

Misunderstood, misguided maniac

Lacking social skills and will to fit your mold

I told your kind before not to expect the world

From I who hates the world

I'll burn your flag unfurled

Propel my anger past rage

What you thought was phase is the air to my everyday

I raise a fist against your rusty cannons

Abandon my every shred of decency

Devise plan to topple politician in vicinity

Your ideas of liberty, archaic

You took freedom and enslaved it

I don't portray the role of revolutionary

Just slice the jugular of society on a Tuesday


Kinshavo wrote (edited )

Me too. Besides myself I think you are the only one to post reggae recently afaik

Ps: we have f/ska , so I post jamaican ska there from time to time, but looking at the old posts there seems the forum was created focused more on skapunk and more recent stuff


lautreamont wrote (edited )

I dunno, Garbage don't look like they got anything to lose at this point, being far older than millenials and their music being likely unknown to most zoomers... The band used to be flaming liberals tho they might have taken some turn lately.


Kinshavo wrote

For about 5 seconds I understood Polska. Very nice song, I like folk and love guitar.

Mury (Walls) was a sung poetry protest song written by Polish singer Jacek Kaczmarski in 1978. It was especially popular among the members of Solidarity (NSZZ Solidarność) and is one of Kaczmarski's best known songs. It became a powerful symbol of the opposition to the communist regime in the People's Republic of Poland and was sung at countless rallies, meetings, protests and strikes throughout Poland during the 1980s. It has become popular among protesters in the aftermath of the 2020 Belarusian presidential election.


jouissance OP wrote

In the old city

In abandoned shells

On a desolated edge

Amid the death of all things

Not under the scornful eye,

or the corporation's hand

Only in darkness does the flower take hold

It blooms at night