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ordinaryDrain wrote

Trying to find more local bands to book with my band so recently I've been making my way through the bandcamp San Francisco/Oakland tag and have found some pure gems! Echo's Bunny is an SF woodwind trio playing avant pastoral improv. Earthbound an Oakland duo playing a unique blend of drums and synth. Nathan Corder an Oakland composer who has participated in projects throughout the Bay Area.


rot wrote

dub and edm/ nurofunk type music

King Tubby, The Scientist, Roots Radics, Hemptress Sativa

Prodigy, Ed Rush & Optical, Underworld, Jon Hopkins


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

neo perreo, witch house, deep house.

good examples for each genre are dj lizzlove3, blvck ceiling, park hye jin.


mofongo wrote

I'm a little disappointed that there's a neo perreo.


zoochotic OP wrote

I've been listening to a lot of weird jazz stuff like The Comet Is Coming because it's not too distracting to listen to when studying.

That 2019 Gang Starr release has been great too.



One Of The Best Yet is aptly named!!

i have been listening to the Cocteau Twins religiously. try Heaven or Las Vegas

when it's time to kick it i indulge in the phinest new Phonk, old chopped & screwed, and whatever the heck Bass Patrol by MACK 187 is


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Nothing really consistent lately, mostly what I end up listening to when spending time with other people, i.e. their music.

But here's Bella Ciao in nine languages :)

Also c'mon everybody why haven't you embedded links in your responses! Making work for everybody like that.


zzuum wrote

Kublai Khan, Grey Britain by Gallows (holy shit, this is the most intense political punk I've ever heard), Sevendust, We Came As Romans, Opeth as usual



unironically listening to a lot of SUNN 0))) pronounced "sun"

it's uhhhhhhhh dark ambient with yelling and things


shanc wrote

Highly recommend Leviathan / Lurker of Chalice if you're into Sun O


Bezotcovschina wrote

I rarely listen a music voluntary. Most of the time I prefer silence. I do want to listen a music when I'm completely wasted, tho. Mostly are songs from my youth - classic russian rock, Rammstein, you know. From modern bands only Shortparis made it to my drunk-list.