Good Cops (Where they at?) - Rob Hustle youtube.com

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in Music (edited )

[Chorus] Let's talk about Good Cops! (Where they at?)
The triumph of evil is just a failure to act by all these
Good Cops! ( Where they at?)
If you're dirty and you need someone to cover your back you need a
Good Cop! (Where they at?)
You'll never see 'em snitch on someone wearing a badge cuz they're the
Good Cops! (So listen Up!)
If you're not locking up the bad cops, you ain't good enough

[Verse 1]
Where all the good cops at?
People keep telling me bad apples make good cops look bad
But if 99% of cops are as good as they say
They should be able to lock a couple bad apples away
And yet they don't
Not because they can't but because they won't
Cuz their highest duty is protecting and serving their own
The first rule of policing means when in doubt they'll shoot
And if they make a mistake other cops will hide the truth

Even if they want to report a cop, they know that they can't
You're as good as DEAD on the force if you get labeled a rat
Plus the union rep will protect them from ever losing their job
And you wonder why there's criminals enforcing the law?
Just ask a...


[VERSE 2 ]
Police are trained to lie to make an arrest
But they're not required to help you when you make a request
They have no affirmative duty to either server or protect
And they're immune from prosecution if they choose to neglect

Look at the precedent set by Taliaferro, Douglas and Warren
No one protected Jessica Gonzales's daughters
And when she went to court to hold someone accountable for it
SCOTUS told us that it was legal for the cops to ignore her

That's cuz a cop is an enforcer and his job's to collect
Stealing money, kicking asses and cashing forfeiture checks
Writing ridiculous tickets and waging war on drugs
Our city budgets are funded by waging war on us

Thanks to the...


Sometimes a cop'll say, "its not my fault
I'm just doing my job, I'm not the guy who writes the laws
I was following orders, honoring the oath I swore."
And I'm like Nurnberg. War Trial. Principle Four

And some people seem to believe that if they don't do crime
That the cops will leave them alone and that they'll just be fine
"Go ahead and tread on the Constitution, we don't mind"
I can't believe that these people can even be so blind

See what they don't understand, is that the problem at hand
Is systemic, it goes beyond a single woman or man
When good people let evil people keep on laying the plans
The banality of evil lies in obeying commands

Just ask a...


Written performed and produced by Rob Hustle


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