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Currently seeking SERIOUS female musicians in Southeast Florida for various rock projects. Currently needing mostly bassists, guitarists, drummers, and vocalists for the following projects:

  • Vulgrr Sweethearts (Punk Rock) Vulgrr Sweethearts is a raunchy punk-Feminist project dedicated to community organized action and creating spaces for riot grrrls to socialize and decompress with relatable lyrics. [Guitarist, bassist]
  • Bitch Fit! (Rapcore) Bitch Fit! Is Onyx meets Otep as an all-female rap/metal supergroup. [Vocalist, Vocalist, Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer]
  • DestructoDames (Thrash Metal) DestructoDames is a rock act with a knack for destruction. With its post-apocalyptic theme, DestructoDames brings attention to environmental issues with fierce and forceful lyrics backed by crunchy guitars and heavy drums to envy the Titans' heartbeats. [Guitarist, bassist, drummer]
  • Grrrl Untamed (Doom/Horror Metal) Grrl Untamed is an occult metal band with dark haunting lyrics and a lingering sound. [Lead vocalist, Lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist, drummer]
  • Killer Belle (Hard Rock/Blood rock) Killer Belle is a blood rock project chronicling homicides committed by womyn in self-defense through song. [Rhythm guitarist, bassist, drummer]
  • Crotch Goblin (Punk rock) Crotch Goblin is a recreational party punk rock band. If you like beer and lazy bass lines this is perfect for you. [bassist, drummer]

We have space to practice in Boca Raton, Hollywood, and Miami, transportation can be provided if necessary. Songs are prepared, hoping to play shows and tour within a 1.5 years of completing a set. Must be able to practice at least twice a week, with no serious obligations which would prevent touring, recording or playing shows. If you think you'd be a good fit for any of these, please message me or text (786) 496-3668



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Pop wrote

How are your trans politics?

seems you describe as a radical feminist on your website

you also use words like female, and do womxn with a y.

so I'm curious


theSashaScarr OP wrote

Radical and separatist. I prioritize Black trans lesbians most though.

Also, womyn was coined by early Black and indigenous Feminists to mean "born of mother" and oppose the christian myth we came jumping out of men's ribs.


Pop wrote

cool, just wanted to clarify you weren't trans exclusionary since your language seemed to reflect second wave positions more than anything else

have a lovely day further