Music Genre: Witch House

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In this post I'll present my favourite tracks by my favourite bands. Also I'll try to give you a quick history of the genre. CW: violent and creepy music videos.

If you've never listened to Witch house, here is a song that has most of the elements of the genre: saturated synths, a "buzz" bass line, and etheral screaming. If electronic music was rock, witch house would be something like death metal.

Witch house kinda started with the band crystal castles that made WH (witch house) before the genre even existed and ispired the next generation of the genre's artists. WH itself first gained traction in the 2010s with the american band salem, oOOoOO and white ring.

around 2011-2012, WH started having a huge following in eastern europe and russia, the aesthetics attracting the nihilist youth. The genre grows enormously thanks to new eastern bands: ic3peaks, blvck wrist, king plague... ; but also western ones: sidewalks and skeletons, blvck ceiling, fraunhoffer diffraction, crim3s, clams casino...

We've entered the golden age of witch house, it will last until 2015. Youtubers "nightmare and 808s" and "untitled burial" have a good collection of songs from that period. DJ korrosiv sums it up in a witch house mix in 2014.

From 2016 onwards, the genre slows down and ther artists move to other stuff, cloud rap samples for example. The still active bands refine their own personallity: ic3peak, blvck ceiling, and sidewalks and skeleton, also a new generation starts taking over: △Sco△, funeral flowers. Witch house still exists, but most of its presence is in its influences of other genres, for example in tommy cash's leave me alone, wich samples ic3peak.

My favourite songs of the genre at the moment are umbrella surfer, a rihanna remix by blvck ceiling, Bullet in the head by gvcci hvcci, and zola jesus's new album. I also listen to mixes on youtube.

finally, a satirical video: how to make witch house


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