What song has the most meaning to you?

Submitted by leftous in Music

The song doesn't necessarily need to be radical or even your favourite. I'd like to hear what song everyone finds the most personally meaningful (however you wish to interpret that), and maybe a bit about why.

Mine would be Dreamers by Lowkey and Mai Khalil (CW: depression/suicidal themes). For me, it speaks to the beauty and power in human suffering and desperation; why our submission is not an option and how we can manifest a reality more consistent with our humanity.


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Dumai wrote

you want it darker by leonard cohen is one of those times i have just plain felt understood by a songwriter, and it addresses a subject i obsess over constantly.


UnbanTwin wrote

Kick Me by Sleeping with Sirens. I discovered it when I came out as trans to my Mum and she was completely shit about it. I was like, I r e l a t e with this song rn. Now it's just a perfect representation of my attitude.


mofongo wrote

Dream On by led Zeppelin; i hate getting old.