Nobody should have to buy software to make music.

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Someone on /r/vocaloid told me making music is an expensive hobby. Why should it be???? There's all kinds of free software to make music with. LMMS. Ardour. Musescore. Audacity. Can't sing?

The problem is, those with the skill and drive to make music (on their computer) don't know about these programs. and then there's people like me who don't really know how to make music, but love free software. :/


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NEOalquimista wrote

You can steal the hardware too... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Dumai wrote

you can steal everything

and you should

steal everything immediately


Dumai wrote

disclaimer: i do not endorse the cool crime of robbery


sudo wrote

You could get away with only software if you're trying to make instrumental electronic music. There are also some synthesizers, like ZynAddSubFX, that can closely emulate the sounds of real-life instruments, but they're very hard to program from scratch. If you can find someone else's preset online for the instrument you want, and it doesn't sound like crap, then you could make any kind of instrumental music.

But other than that, yeah, you really do need high-quality recording hardware.