After 20 years of writing, recording and performing music I'm thinking of quiting.

Submitted by Glenarchist in Music (edited )

From pay to play gigs to being paid in beer ( I don't drink ) to being buried online if you can't (won't) pay for social media boosting. I'm just sick of it. Capitalism kills art. There's only so long you can sing in the wind before you start feeling alienated to your own art. Some of the best art I have ever came across has had little fan fare and very little attention to it.
How can artists over-come the modern day abyss that is social media platforms, that seem designed to push the most dire and trite of art forms to the masses ?


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ziq wrote (edited )

It's really impossible to continue to enjoy your passion when you involve capitalism. I've learned that lesson a lot of times, as have people close to me.

We were all much happier when we stopped trying to make money from our art.

Keep making music in your spare time and release it online for free, don't even try to promote it. Make music simply to express yourself and don't let capitalism gets its soul-crushing mitts on your creative outlet again. At most, maintain a patron page with links to your songs.


NEOalquimista wrote (edited )

Have you tried Bandcamp? It's a place for independent musicians. People can listen to your songs online before deciding to buy, and you can set it to be "pay what you want", so they can set $0 if they can't pay.

I found a lot of unknown bands there that are so good... Bandcamp doesn't seem to bury the unknown artists or give repeated highlights to the same fucking popular bands over and over. It keeps showing what's new, talking about the story behind them and stuff... then move on to the next new stuff.

P.S: i'm not a musician. Just saying as a listener. BTW, what do you play?


Infinity wrote

In my last year of art school one of my teachers told me about how important having a day job was for maintaining being an artist. Another one of my teachers told me not to fall into the "success" trap of being an artist because "success" makes you comfortable and kills your creativity. The other side of success makes you attached to the success and you end up in a trap you can't get out of and that kills your creativity. Another teacher told me about the importance of being a part of an artist collective. I think there are even some artist collectives that are entirely online. :-)

As creative people, as long as you are not falling into traps of addiction, you are probably always going to want to create. Perhaps this is simply a stepping stone for your journey evolving as an artist. All artists evolve.