How do I make music?

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Making music seems... overwhelming to me. But I'd like to learn how to make it because I enjoy listening to it so much. But I can't even match notes I hear with my voice, or on a piano. So how does one go about writing music?


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anarkiddomedia wrote

Writing music is complicated, not specifically from a music theory or other such standpoint, but as an artist and listener. Composition, chord progressions, melodies and everything can either have days spent on them or just a couple of minutes messing around on an instrument. Even "writing" music isn't always the same process. Either you could be working in a digital audio workstation like FL Studio, or just with a composition notebook and a cheap keyboard. Matching pitch is more of a learned thing, and takes time and a trained ear. If you aren't pitch trained yet, I wouldn't suggest going with lyrical composition as a first. Try making instrumentals, see what melodies work with what chords, practice matching bass lines to your progressions, etc.

EDM was a fairly easy genre umbrella to get into as a starting producer, but your skills can broaden and expand over time. But like anything else, you shouldn't compare your level to someone else as a means of seeing where you are. Listen to music and mentally construct how its arranged, find patterns or even play random notes on a piano. Sometimes, it just clicks.

Tl:dr don't spend too much time getting bookish about it be free and fuck around


not_AFX_lol wrote

I first started writing music with online music score writing software (although I admit some knowledge of music theory and how to read sheet music was helpful in this). From there I went to a free digital audio workstation and started loading it up with free plugins. I'm still there, but I've released an album, two EPs, and a plethora of tracks and remixes so far.

For me, the best way to do it is just to mess around and have fun with it. The more messing around you do, the better you get. I can barely stand to listen to my earlier stuff 'cause it's shit, but I've improved.

Personally I find electronic music to be the genre with the lowest entry cost - all you really need is a computer, which you likely have already, and there's a lot of free software out there that you can use. If you want specifics, PM me.

For me, making electronic music makes sense - it's cheap, it's a genre I like a lot and have a decent amount of familiarity with, and working with synths and samples offers me the greatest control over the sound. Understandably people who hate electronic may not want to write it (but it's also very important to note that these days electronic is as broad a genre as rock).

tl;dr - what u/anarkiddomedia said, just fuck around, electronic is easy to start with, and you might detest your early stuff but everyone has to start somewhere

sorry for the wall of text


kore wrote

Music is just intentional sound. Every object (guitar, cardboard box, flower) can be an instrument and there is no skill ceiling for any of them. Guitar is much easier to make nice sounds on than a flower because the spatial arrangement of the instrument corresponds to the pitch of sound (frets are low to high, strings are low to high). I don't know what kind of music you want to make but if you get a guitar (and you can find a shitty acoustic for like 25 bucks probably) and learn some chords, say A C D E G (all fairly easy) you can play in the key of C major and E major already. Another option is to pick a simple guitar song you like and learn the chords for it.