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My3rdAccout wrote

Advertising music:

epel by royksopp

lahaha by shugo tokamaru was on some mcD's adverdizing in france a few years back.

I think I've got the same taste in music as advertisers, I recognize stuff that I listen to regularly quite often in ads.


rosalique OP wrote

Yeah, they have serious incentives to pick the catchiest music when creating an ad. They want to hijack the emotion the song evokes so you make subconscious positive brand connections whenever you think of that song (and if it's good, you'll think of it a lot). It's fucking gross.

Those songs are still great though.


christobal wrote (edited )

Royksopp <3 I saw them open for Jarre some years back. It was the perfect night.


anarkiddomedia wrote

That one pop song with the Accordion-like melody line and the vocoded lyrics?