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subrosa OP wrote

Somehow getting nostalgic for some seriously bad times in 2012. SOAD probably played as much a role as stress did in my getting tinnitus. Had to drown the rage somehow. No regrets.


fortmis wrote

"no regrets" is an underrated spiritual movement


monday wrote

I am so sorry, I can't imagine how bad is to have tinnitus.

And like Lemmy said: "Good music save your soul" - music is my therapist and my friend. When the things are bad and I feel numb the only to feel something is getting loud and heavy, my mind is soothed by sonic vibrations while my body tremble.


subrosa OP wrote

Getting tinnitus at that age was scary, but it's really no big deal these days. Right ear recovered completely, left ear's sssssssssssss is easy to ignore. But yeah, same, music is the most therapeutic thing I know.


Fool wrote

You just reminded me I was on a SOAD binge until I put stuff on for the kids. Oh well, I'm happy with Throat singing/North Asian stuff I found today, trying to sing along was therapeutic.

Back to SOAD, I was thinking how some bands that cover emotionally heavy topics also do silly really well.

SOAD was probably my start into heavy music, but I didn't think of them as heavy at the time for some reason.