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fortmis wrote

one time i intensely listened to this song for about an hour and a half in order to write down the "lyrics" .......

With the same ol shoes, ah we're holdin the scene

with the old red maverick at a quarter past nine

oh chickens and wine, we keep the cold out

baby to stay yeah, bitch oh-woah

with the same old shoes,

oh I'll be holdin the scene

with the ol red maverick and a quarter past nine,

whether it's the same it aint you that caught me in steam

you never charm it, never judge it,

you know your beaver's a jam

you're the comin-up truth,

no pain for not sure,

how the hobbit does get a lotta corporate thang

oh but never just stand, like de Souza's dobermann,

give a cuss to the man, and call the Rainy Girls.

Hold something!

Aye I spies a salesman,

that he also go with me though,


you're the cold man sail on a breeze

and call a dance in the Juice Hall, alright?

Aye-aye mine senseless,

and the gold so goes with Bezos (?!)


please answer god and dance in that Juice Hall,


what else you gunna sleep with now to keep in the scene

till I'm artisanal but don't Frau

Hard to contain but I feels it though

we been seein in the sane and in the shoes a common being

-- there's too many cars

lovin' four walls is a glad estate

aye-aye my Chancelette

and I can't stop goin real soft


You call the man to say "one, please!"

the combination is too soft,


You're nice, you got bills, you got em outta the door,

there's plenty of ice, shall i pick me up?

aye-ayes, I sense it,

when the girls stop talking, peace out,