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I used to have a bunch of blogs bookmarked, I would check them semi regularly, sometimes bands would submit demos and they would upload some of them, it would be as simple as clicking a download link and I would have some new music I could transfer into my mp3 player for the bus ride to school, some of those blogs are still up! Unfortunately a lot of blogs used Megaupload to host their music (rip) but some of them uploaded to multiple hosts or posted to Megaupload, lots of these blogs are now the only accessable place to find downloads of so many cool defunct/obscure bands... I'll see if I can find a few of those blogs I thought were interesting to link to! If anyone here used to download music from blogs feel free to link and I can add them to a list...



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__0 OP wrote

The thing I loved about depending on blogs to find music was that each one had a special type of curation, and you could often go back years, I would often find a band on one blog, and search for other blogs that also referenced that band, often finding a web of influence that now is so obscured by the fact that most people just find music on algorithmic platforms such as Spotify or YouTube... I feel like the algorithm has definitely changed how people consume music... In some interesting ways (considering the revival of interest in obscurities such as Mort Garson's plantasia or rupa's disco jazz or perhaps most famously the song plastic love that regained popularity due to YouTube's algorithms and auto play.) However often these algorithms are just tying together the strings left by actually interactions, real relationships between lost pieces of culture that while previously not as accessable, our control over how we consume music has left our hands and now is left almost only a system that we participate in only in the most phantasmic sense... And worse yet our participation in the algorithms is often tied to paying into a system that is in no way open and often gate keeps the artists themselves from the platform as well...


kinshavo wrote

I deleted all my bookmarks, but I used to do the same. And usually the best ones were the more obscure stuff. I remember a motto I took for myself: " life's is to short for boring music"

I only have this one saved

But bc they have poetry and images it's not strictly music


veuzi wrote

I never followed any blogs for a length of time other than a few ones that would also comment on and review the albums they put out. I don't expect people here to be super into prog rock, jazz and library music but if you are, check out

But what I liked to do was if I found an album on discogs that looked interesting and I couldn't find it on YouTube, I would just go to my favorite search engine and go "(artist name) (album title) blogspot". Usually I can find that album on a blog or two, and if I'm lucky, the download link still works.