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__0 OP wrote

The thing I loved about depending on blogs to find music was that each one had a special type of curation, and you could often go back years, I would often find a band on one blog, and search for other blogs that also referenced that band, often finding a web of influence that now is so obscured by the fact that most people just find music on algorithmic platforms such as Spotify or YouTube... I feel like the algorithm has definitely changed how people consume music... In some interesting ways (considering the revival of interest in obscurities such as Mort Garson's plantasia or rupa's disco jazz or perhaps most famously the song plastic love that regained popularity due to YouTube's algorithms and auto play.) However often these algorithms are just tying together the strings left by actually interactions, real relationships between lost pieces of culture that while previously not as accessable, our control over how we consume music has left our hands and now is left almost only a system that we participate in only in the most phantasmic sense... And worse yet our participation in the algorithms is often tied to paying into a system that is in no way open and often gate keeps the artists themselves from the platform as well...