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I love the genre deathcore and this band in perticular. Anyone else?

Nightmares enrapturing

Distancing me further from life's curse

Hallucinations of the death consuming me

Dreams of desecration

To escape circumstance

Fantasies of violence

Creeping into actuality

Distancing myself further from this unceasing reality

I desired desolation under barren lit skies

A state I can not seem to reach...

Visions of the death consuming me

Distancing myself further from this unceasing reality

Nightmares enrapturing

I coddle death as if it were my child

Dreaming desecration

Malicious deeds safety defiled

The means to escape my misery

These hallucinations conquer my sanity

Surge my mind as my hope dies

Dwelling among the low and empty

Enfolded by hallucinations of escape

But forever entwined...

I have death bound to my eyes

Dreaming desecration

Dreaming desecration

Dreaming desecration

Death dances in my eyes

I'm dreaming desecration

Silenced, born to a world of ruin

In this era of death, I envision

Endless suffering

Awakening to my nightmares

Standing right in front of me...

And there's nowhere left to go



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