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annikastheory OP wrote (edited )

I cant say I enjoyed this exactly but I still kind of want to share it. Very unnerving. Might make a pretty instrumental.

Also today I learned about vocaloids.

Also it isnt by Ghost BC which is what I thought it was before I listened.


friendly_raddler wrote (edited )

i wasn't going to mention before, but this title reminds me of the only other song that was remotely related to spiders that i could think of was Na Na Na by MCR, the part that says "eight legs to the wall, hit the gas, kill 'em all, and we crawl and we crawl and we crawl"

i've known about vocaloids for some time now, but i first dismissed it as some annoying gimmicky thing, only recently i've accepted them as something that can be put to cool use in music