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friendly_raddler wrote

how does that playlist go?

itsy bitsy spider

spiderman theme song

what else?


annikastheory OP wrote (edited )

Ok so I've got a few but I am still searching. My criteria are that I at least have to sort of like it and the music itself (regardless of any lyrics) has to make me at least vaguely think of spiders.

And thats all I have so far. Looking for more, probably going to get rid of that last one because it isn't spidery enough.

honorable mentions

  • Spider's Canzone from hunter x hunter. I like it but it need a little more spider.
  • The Spider and The Fly too much fly not enough spider. its an old 1930s cartoon if you like that kind of thing.
  • Evil Spider - Benee A good song but the music doesn't make me think of spiders
  • and of course the song in this post

There's a bunch of other spider songs I've listened to but I haven't enjoyed them.


moonlune wrote

Does the Simpsons's spider pig song count? Or is it a pig song?


ab5 wrote

You might already know it, but Boris the Spider by The Who🕷️


annikastheory OP wrote

Yeah I had a The Who phase in high school so I knew that one. But thanks I will take any recommendations I can get.