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Wake up
We spend these days
Restless and waiting
Those nights I spent climbing through windows
They got me nowhere\

And all of those things that I wanted
An insatiable lust for young flesh
And I lost my youthful innocence so long ago
So how sincere are your advances?\

And how sincere are my replies? (So how can I smile?)
Anybodys can fill this hole (And dream awake)\

My God, this winter is killing me
This cold air stings my face
It chills me down to the bone
Leaving my bed becomes a chore
And I don't know how much longer
I'm gonna last\

(This future) I long for the warmth of the spring
And its promises of better things (Of wonder, of you)
Coming into my life
Saying farewell to this cold (From under a dream)
Has never felt so good
But the days are getting longer (To ensue and remove)
And I still think
Fondly of these days past (I tip toe behind trees)
Time spent thinking of you (To a night I can't forget)
And the scent that's stained my memories
A metallic kiss was all I could offer (I'll medicate my options)
But the weight is gone
"The season of singing has come" (Anything to kill regret)\

And all those words I wrote were for you
But you don't deserve them
I'd take them back if I could
But I can't control this pen in my hand
And I can finally see that I don't need you\



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