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So that's a bunch of miiltant rappers from France celebrating 13/12 in their own way, by releasing a compilation (with a video clip) against police abuse.

The introduction is by Ramata Dieng, whose brother Lamine Dieng was killed by police officers in 2007. Here's a quick translation of that:

Malik Oussekine, Makomé, Amine or Lamine. So many black and arab men that the police assassinates. Did you know it? Between 1977 and 2019, it's 676 persons that the police kills. Behind these numbers, there's the reality of stolen lives, of destroyed families, of a thirst for justice which struggles to be satisfied. Because in the vast majority of cases, the murderers will not be troubled. They will continue to work as police officers in all impunity. Serve and Protect? No! Crack down and Oppress! Beat down the popular classes and the racialized persons. This is in reality the work of the police. Maintaining at all costs the racist and bourgeois social order. There is no doubt, the police is made for that. To those outraged who wonder what the police is doing, we answer...

And then the rap goes on. Enjoy! You may discover some new non-famous artists ;)

PS: I'm not sure about the word racialized in the translation. We use raciséE in french to designate a person who endures racism, to outline that:

  • it's not a biological thing but a process you endure ; nobody is born with a certain race, but whether we like it or not a racist society like France grooms us into racial roles and expectations in society (as patriarchy does with men and women)
  • it's not just a matter of skin color, and cultural racism is a thing (a veiled muslim white woman can be victim of racist intimidations)
  • "non-white folks" would place a default cursor on humanity as white (which is what we're combating) and does not account for racism and xenophobia towards some whites who are still oppressed/exoticized (like eastern/northern europeans and western asians) (<-- no i'm not talking about "anti-white racism" because that does not exist)


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naut wrote

Et voila! Merci beaucoup, je trouvé interéssant que le français appelle la police 'le porc' aussi.

J'apprends beaucoup info nouveau de toi, c'est difficile quand ton pays ne l'enseigne pas en école.


southerntofu OP wrote

Coucou, oui on parle des porcs pour parler de la police. Les flics, les condés, les schmidts... Pour continuer avec les animaux on dit aussi les poulets, ou les vaches (mais ça c'est très vieux comme expression).

c'est difficile quand ton pays ne l'enseigne pas en école

C'est quoi que tu as pas appris à l'école? Le français ou l'anarchisme? ;)


naut wrote

Lequel supposes-tu? J'ai étudié le français depuis quatre ans (mais je n'ai jamais appris "putain de merde" là). Seulement je me souviens Sacco et Vanzetti, alors j'ai de la chance aux Etats Unis!