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free_appalachia wrote

Skagos( is an amazing RABM band. I totally understand why OP is upset though. Agalloch was one of my favorite bands for years until one of the members took to FB to make anti-semitic remarks. I am continuously disappointed when I find out about the politics held by a lot of my favorite metal bands. At least Crust/Dbeat is a pretty safe genre as far as heavy music goes, bands like Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Nausea, etc have a lot of dark metal influence and within Doom there are bands like Yob that seem to promote some positive messaging. Death Metal seems even worse than Black Metal, though often bands seem apolitical at first and then subtly introduce hateful imagery and claim artistic license to do so. It gets tolerated way too much for the sake of music we like and don't want to think too much about. I stick to bands that don't maintain racist pedagogy or propaganda at this point. It's crucial to promote music with messages that we agree with over hateful artists. I think Amerikkka has shown what happens when you let that shit slide for a decade or two. It seeps out of artistic expression and into the mainstream collective consciousness. Now open racism is further justified by these pieces of art that serve as a monument to the ideologies they represent. It's not too much of a burden to find very talented musicians that don't ascribe to hateful ideologies, so just do that. In addition to skagos, check out iskra, a cloud forest, contravene, sorgsvart, martyrdod, ash borer, dodsangel, gulag, I'm sure others can expand on this.


deckardsdream OP wrote

Skagos will probably be one of my favorite bands until I die. I got to see Ash Borer in Seattle a long ass time ago, it was cool but it sounded like there was way too much reverb either in their mix or in the venue; love the bad regardless though.

I have heard of a lot of the groups in that list thought so fuck yeah, thanks!