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tabby wrote

Take this with a grain of salt because I'm new to this style of music, but most stoner/doom/sludge metal I've come across seems alright as far as not being racist or hateful or anything (unless I'm just not catching it). Everyone feel free to let me know if there's any prominent bands in those genres that do support that stuff that I should be aware of.


free_appalachia wrote

stoner doom is one of the most problematic sub-genres of metal I would say, with bands like bongzilla and eyehategod constantly flying confederate flags. That's actually become a staple of that genre and I can't look the other way with that shit. I feel like the best you are gonna do with heavy stoner stuff is electric wizard, which seems more or less apolitical.


deckardsdream OP wrote

Hahaha I would say you are right about stoner/doom/sludge. I do love me some doom metal