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gone_to_croatan wrote

Maybe is not the genre itself (metal) but this niche nsbm thing.

A couple of weeks ago I found that a band, Negro Terror, was doing versions from nazi bands as a way to reappropriate the scene. Sure they did some changes in the lyrics. Anyways my point is, one thing is the symbolic act of supporting nazis by listen to their garbage and propagating it (like user/ab5 said about streaming), and other thing is at personal level you listening this shit to achieve some mood.

About the second one, maybe is hard to change with the age, as we have some formative years that leave some imprints in our tastes, as for myself I am stuck with 90's rap and it's misogyny and homophobia and toxic masculinity, but I am stuck because I choose to ignore some more problematic songs.

And always with this kind of comment we are giving advices from a stranged position. I for example (the only good example I have) deal with this toxic masculinity everyday, and why I have those feelings and etxc.