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ab5 wrote

Why would you listen to nsbm? I can't bring myself to listen to any band with racist or misogyny themes or members, much less literal nazis. There is an absurd amount of music out there, so maybe you can try stepping out of your classics and find less problematic sounds that are great. We could use this forum or any other one to share our findings.

Also note that if you are streaming that stuff, you are giving them money and exposure. If you already have the stuff pirated I guess the case is less clear.


deckardsdream OP wrote

Because when I was a lot younger I didn't know then as I learned about the gross shit I was like 'who cares, that's the band is like, not me.' As I got older it's started to impact me more.

I also know a huge amount of bands that I enjoy, politically and sonically. But doest it really matter when my neighbours see a white dude blasting metal and feel threatened? That notion is why I made the claim of metal being problematic in general.

Good call on the streaming. I do not stream it though. I've downloaded all this stuff from various people on Soulseek.