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keez wrote

I'm the singer in a grunge band, we're not that famous and quite underground. Would like to stay that way tbh.

Anyways, heres one of our songs


zddy wrote

Heard you had an accident a while back, glad to see you have recovered.


Vortex wrote

I do. 100% made with pirated software.


lempamo wrote

skipping thru your latest work, sounds absolutely amazing! gonna make sure to listen in full when i have the proper time :)


Vortex wrote

:) Thank you so much. I had also checked out your music and they're very interesting and unique.



Wow.... I hereby coin your genre as Action Wave!

Or something.

I like it.


Vortex wrote

I almost called them Anarcho Wave, but I rethought about it because genre is just another construct that society created to categorize materials, moreover the genre movement in music was developed by capitalism. So the stuff I made are usually fusion of more than five different genres in each track, because I don't see why limiting them to one or two genres. It has since been my method of doing praxis against the music industry.


zddy wrote (edited )

Folk punk singer songwriter here.

Trying to remain a little anonymous, so I won't post my old stuff.

Once I get some music recorded under a new alias I will share it.


Majrelende wrote

I do very little serious composition, but I would like to some day.