It should be a rule to be more descriptive of the music you are posting in the title

Submitted by cute in Music

For example, if I post the title should be something like:

"Metallica - Master of Puppets - Master of Puppets | 1986, Metal"

The format being:

"Artist - Album - Track | Year, Genre"

I'd like this to be a rule because so much music is posted here that looks great but I'm just unsure of the type of music it is so I just ignore most posts. With a title like above I'd be able to determine whether I'd like to listen to that song.



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lastfutures wrote

I think I actually check more of it out because I don't know the genre. Usually I might just ignore genres that I'm not into.

I don't want to put all that info, but I wouldn't mind genre tags so it'd be easier to search for a type.


GroundFrost wrote

I kinda like how its like musical roulette in a way, like introducing music I may not have otherwise heard. But I do completely get where you're coming from and it would probably be a better defined system of listing music for people.


cute OP wrote

Maybe we could have the current system but extra info like the genre and year are added to the body? I'd still prefer what I'm introducing but this could be fine.


GroundFrost wrote

True true. I think theyre both decent ways to have the info in there so I'm on board for whatever. I'd think people would prefer more descriptors in the music info so you're idea is probably for the best


onymous wrote

It seems like this could be in the form of "it would be great if more posts could do this" instead of a "rule"


cute OP wrote

Sure, I don't really mind but to me I'm not a fan of just seeing vaguely random music posted here which I can't see myself listening from just the title and track alone.


Daileon wrote

I am posting a lot of music since I came back to Raddle with this account, and I undestand why seems loosing time to open a track that you are not slightly interested.

But pften I will post stuff that appears in my shuffle and maybe would be nice to share, and if I need to look the album and year of release probably I would not contribute so much.