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gone wrote (edited )

Millenials' lives have been commodified to the point that they can't afford to support the baby product industry.

It's not your fault, millenials; I'd love to show you how to cut a $2 used flannel sheet from the thrift store into six pieces, call the pieces "flats", and diaper your baby for the cost of running a washing machine but it's not your fault you think that's disgusting and impractical because Huggies for Girls stop 20% more leaks than Pampers!!!

Reproduction is a normal mammalian biological function; fuck Toys R Us and their corporate profits.


bloodrose wrote

Preach it. We were all set to do cloth diapers for our little one when my mother just freaked about it and bought the disposable diapers for us. We accepted them because we were sleep deprived (god, those first months are literal torture). But they were such a waste of money and resources when we could just get a pot to boil the cloth diapers in - yeesh.