Where to start?

Submitted by supernice in MeshNets

I messed around with Hyperboria a few years ago and found the CJDNS stuff a bit cryptic at the time as I recall, so I stopped. I keep coming back to this idea of meshnets and was wondering if any of you can give me some good ideas on where to begin.

What's your thoughts on this stuff? Is is becoming more viable? I was daydreaming about the old internet before it basically became a corporate shopping mall.


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elyersio wrote (edited )

someday, i'm gonna just join a meshnet community of some sort (sopranica? a cjdns meshlocal?), maybe even bring some friends in. Or do it the hard way and start a meshnet right in my small town.

If you can't do that, I'll make cjdns a bit less cryptic:

  1. find some public peers and put them in the cjdns config file, put them in the right place

  2. run cjdroute that config file

  3. find a hyperborean website or irc network and try to load it, it should load. No proxies or localhost webpages required.

also i'd like to start messing with gnunet eventually


supernice OP wrote

Thanks, I think going down the cjdns route might be best for me. I don't know enough people who even care about this stuff to try setting up my own local meshnet.