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ghost wrote

Helping people grow medicine in a capitalist society is political af.

You are so not the asshole here.


Majrelende wrote (edited )

No. You would probably be less pleasant to be around if people batter you into doing things you don't feel are useful or fulfilling; that is just more of letting yourself be ruled, letting your life be stolen.


catachresis wrote

You’re not an asshole for not doing something you don’t want to do.

Even if you weren’t helping people, but spent ur time watching anime and painting warhammer figures you still wouldn’t be an asshole.


ikk wrote (edited )

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i am attempting to guilt-trip you into joining politics, yes. i am the asshole.


rot wrote

I've been consumed by work and finance issues so you're doing better than me as far as i can tell


ikk wrote (edited )

to me it sounds like you are involved in local politics by growing medicine, etc. holding a banner to ask our rulers to please be less ruthless is maybe seen as political but i dont necessarily see how it'd be any more effective than voting.

shouting is definitely not my style either, and maybe if your friends really wanted you to come along, they're obliged to accommodate for non-shoutiness in their activist activities. If you run Food, Not Bombs or empathetic vegan outreach or similar, then it's usually really chill, and bringing homegrown plants is extremely appreciated.

i think it's good to break the bubble sometimes, as we can perhaps all see the danger of being too self-absorbed e.g. with mindfulness / wellness / health, but you are totally not wrong for not wanting to attend protests not colored in your vibe.


lettuceLeafer wrote

Honestly the only reason I know anything about American politics is raddle tbh. I don't vote so it's not super important. So I just know enough to know the news ways I get restricted mostly.

Tho I do occasionally browse stuff for the interest of understanding other places rather than "staying informed". I think most of keeping up with politics is more like tabloids tbh


emma wrote

Nah. If your friends are attempting to guilt-trip you into getting involved with politics, they're the assholes.


belisarius9 wrote

There are an awful lot of people lost in the sauce when it comes to this study. The point of the study is that serotonin isn't the cause of depression, and so SSRIs are not changing whatever caused your depression. The problem with all the discussion around this study is, that isn't new information. It's been known for decades that there are more neurochemicals involved in depression than just serotonin, and that neurochemical imbalance is not the prime cause of depression. A number of symptoms of depression can be treated by fixing a neurochemical imbalance, but it isn't caused by neurochemical imbalance. My headache isn't caused by a lack of ibuprofen, but ibuprofen still fixes my headache. And note that the study doesn't prove that SSRIs don't work - there are an incredible number of double blind studies that show otherwise - it only shows that serotonin imbalance isn't causing depression. I know I'm repeating myself, but this was already known for decades. The various news organizations spinning this as some groundbreaking study are lying to you or, more likely, not actually understanding the context to this study. This study blowing up in the news is driven by the right wing supporting the author who is a Scientologist antivaxxer, in what is an example of the Gell-Mann Amnesia Effect.

For anyone who wants insight into what psychiatry actually believes depression is, you might watch Dr. Sapolsky lecture about it here.


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

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I think you underestimate how much I dislike people lol. I only really like interacting with like less than 10 people lol. 10 being generous


tuesday OP wrote

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welp I didn't schedule crying this morning but here we are.

thank you for this, honestly. I am very hard on myself for things that I can't help and didn't do to myself. I try to be kinder and gentle, and I'm capable of doing that for others but rarely have the same room for grace with myself. which is to say I needed this reminder. ❤


ShadesPath wrote

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Trauma has an impressive adhesive but however it remains stuck on you is not a reflection of who you are. How you feel about yourself at the moment doesn't determine the reality of who you are and how much you've grown as a person. The only thing that I can say is that in the process of feeling hurt and trying to heal from it, don't deprecate and cause other forms of harm to yourself in the process.


bloodrose wrote

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I have ZERO creep detecting ability. I have had a lot of horrible things happen to me because of this in my years. My biggest lesson is just to behave as if EVERY man is a creep and force them to prove otherwise. I have also learned take note of the euphoric feeling of being paid attention to and treat it like being high or drunk. I treat myself as unable to make decisions about myself, my life, my body when I feel that euphoria.

The last time I had a creep in my life, it was at work. I was married at the time and he treated me like work wife/girlfriend. And I found myself enjoying the attention. And so I SPECIFICALLY AVOIDED that person once that feeling started. Prior to that feeling starting, I went to lunches and after-work drinks. The SECOND, I felt that way, I avoided him like an uncomfortable bra. (wore it when I absolutely had to but otherwise, it stayed buried in a drawer)

I noted he moved on to another person to treat as work girlfriend. I also noticed that he leaned on that person in terms of using them for emotional labor. People mentioned later that it looked like they were having an affair (she was married also). I pointed out to those people that he was just using her for emotional labor...but damn, he was such a creep he didn't care about her reputation at the office.

Anyways, lots of typing to say my strategy is to notice when I start to enjoy attention and then avoid the source of that feeling.


lettuceLeafer wrote

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Oh, no. I'm just bad at the English language.

I meant to say that I find it frustrating / annoying that men so commonly harass people and that u being upset is reasonable. I am annoyed at men for being shitty and upsetting u. Sorry for misspeaking and being rude to u on accident .