(TW: Depression and Anxiety) How to enjoy old hobbies again?

Submitted by Stuckinthecity in MentalWellbeing

I used to draw all the time, day in and day out, never got sick of it, ever. Did it since I was three and with a big grin on my face. I even got through AP art in high school and loved that despite how taxing it was. After I graduated and went to art college though (don’t btw, pretty much all colleges that refuse to offer cheap/free services is a sham) it suddenly felt like a job I wasn’t being paid for. Really awful scenarios played all the time in my head to the point where quit, and felt I had no future. I was acutely aware that ideas I had would definitely be rejected because they were too derivate. My colors seemed ugly and mismatched. The lines were too soft and fuzzy. I couldn’t really use other mediums besides pencil. I draw maybe a handful of times a week now for an hour or two. Did you have the same problem at some point? Ever overcome it? If not, what’s your biggest stumbling block?



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