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black_fox wrote

they promote freedom and justice and have a good understanding about the workings of human nature and the universe."

this is a weird abstract inside of another abstract. maturity is easy to define if you're describing a plant, or the physical process of going from child to adult. it's otherwise very hard to define as a mental process, especially when it may mean one thing in one culture, and something else in another. "freedom" and "justice" mean different things to different people all across philosophical, ideological, and cultural divides. justice definitely doesn't mean the same thing to the US courts as it does to me, if it means anything at all to me. and freedom definitely isn't the same thing to me as the US military might define it.

overall i think this is a really odd article that associates maturity with being some sort of individualist and being the type of "rational" person people on the political right try to be.

it also insinuates that maturity = good, and immaturity = bad, which is goofy as hell. why care?

i think these two points are opposed though

  • Recognizes that he has choices in everything he does, and does not give away his freedom, except under limited circumstances, when he has good reason for doing so
  • Recognizes the fundamental truth embedded in Benjamin Franklin's statement that those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

liberty and freedom are often synonymous. so i can have a good reason for giving up my freedom, except if i give up my "essential" (??) liberty for temporary safety i don't deserve it?? what?? why do i have to recognize a "fundamental truth" written by some long dead slave-owner anyway?

  • Does not get angry when others disagree with him

ah yes, the old put down of any sort of emotions. nice.

  • Is able to accept life as it comes without blaming himself or others when it doesn't go his way

right i'm gonna stop criticizing this article here and pull myself up by my bootstraps. and you all should too!! everything that happens to you is solely your fault!!!!


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Splinglebot wrote

these damn workers need to fix themselves to suit the needs of the collective amazon. PS I'm an individualist