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Raven wrote

NEVER GO TO A SHRINK. Do not get your life ruined by them. Do not fall victim to their system. Check out The Icarus Project started by anarchist and critical psychiatrist Sascha Altman DuBrul. IP has a lot of resources for mutual mental care in alternative to generic and oppressive psychiatry. I have found their resources are excellent so far.

The MOST important thing when come to mental wellness, is sharing your feeling and experience with someone, real human interaction. Find a comrade who you and them can consent helps, a social circle, affinity group, a commune, etc. The greatest example of that is right now on Raddle, you are seeking helps from a community. This is interaction. Moreover, if you can keep pets, get one. If not, get into gardening and green thumbing, I find it helpful a lot. Get out there with nature also help. Doing anything meaningful to you also help.

DO NOT GO TO A SHRINK, they will destroy your life and they are paid to do so.