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Things are pretty much always rough and always complicated wrt mental wellbeing for me.

I'm also now almost entirely socially isolated, alone much of the time, and I don't have access to any therapy etc that would be workable for me (tired of being pathologized as it is).

At this point I mostly self-sustain and do my thing quietly, and try not to impact other people or the communities I'm in.

But sometime I really just need to talk. Not even in order to change anything, just to say what's happened or what's happening, you know?

Things are pretty link sharing heavy here, so I'm unsure if this is somewhere to just talk about mental wellbeing stuff, or if I should join the matrix/chat thingies instead?

Edit: thank you all so much, this place is so awesome



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videl wrote

there's Friday free talk too. place to share whatevers going on that week


An_Old_Big_Tree wrote

Matrix chat is pretty good! There's the general room and the queer room and the room for this forum that could all be appropriate for you.

But yeah you can also lay things out here, I'm sure there'd be some readers who engage.


BristholD wrote

The internet is not a good place for people with this kind of problems. Whatever alleviation you might find would be superficial and things can even get worse for some people.