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JoeMemo wrote

This honestly reads like a fascist doing an impression of a communist to make communists look like dangerous murderers.


ziq admin wrote (edited )

Humanity deserves nothing less than to be wiped out.

I'm banning you for this and the serial killer vibes.

Am I wrong to note down reddit accounts who I'd have found and killed if we ever expierence a revolution? Am I wrong to want to kill every last fascist and liberal?


They have no right to live. Liberals are class traitors and the just punishment for treason is death.

You're a fascist.


ego_mutt wrote

Thank you for distinguishing between voluntary extinctionism and this um... less voluntary ideology.


black_fox moderator wrote

thank you for handling this. apologies for not seeing it sooner


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black_fox wrote

just glad you had my back

sorry i’m not sure what you’re referring to unless it’s your previous situation from a few months ago


shanc wrote

Am I wrong to note down reddit accounts who I'd have found and killed if we ever expierence a revolution?

Yes. That's no way to spend your time.


Splinglebot wrote (edited )

I can understand how you feel, the shit liberals will go at lengths defend can be fucking agrivating and it's easy to start believing humanity deserves to die because of it. It's perfectly understandable for one to start thinking along these lines in frustrating situations, when you're just so fucking fed up and done with the constant half-baked excuses for the subjugation and domination of massive groups of people. However, I would like to say that I always found misanthropic remarks like this to be completely circular - at least when it's based in human-human oppression as it is 90% of the time. Although I don't think it's reasonable to expect anyone to be rational in frustrated moments like this, it's basically using the horiffic oppressive shit humans do to eachother to justify horrific shit to be done to all humans - they deserve what's coming to them because of how oppressive they are. But, if all humans deserve what's coming to them, then those that are oppressed must also deserve their oppression (as they too are human), therefore the oppresser must be justified in their oppression. Therefore, the oppression isn't so bad after all. Therefore, the entire basis for the misanthropy no longer exists.

I think punishment is a tool of authority - used by authority to strengthen power and control over others and to bolster its "legitimacy". Proof that authority has backing. It exists both to establish the punisher as an authority and to beat all others into submission to them. I'm honestly starting to believe the whole concept of what people "deserve" is rooted in hierarchy, nothing but a tool used to establish authority, determining what those beneath them do and do not "deserve". "The poor do not deserve to have anything. The rich should keep their wealth because they deserve it. White men deserve their position because they earned it. 'Uncivilised' nations deserve to be invaded. Western nations deserve their position because they earned it." It's meritocratic bullshit, which, like all supposed "meritocracy", is nothing more than a flimsy justification for authority.

This does not mean to say I reject all violence, just violence that is based in punishment and what is and isn't "deserved". I believe violence should only be used for purely pragmatic reasons, because it is necessary not because it's "deserved". If somebody attacks me and I kill them in self defence, I do not do it because they "deserved" to die, I do it because it was necessary to defend myself. If someone tries to rape someone else and I end up killing the rapist I don't do it because they "deserve" to die or because they "deserved" to have violence used against them, I do it because it was necessary to prevent rape. If there is a revolution and I end up killing a cop or a fascist, I don't do it because they "deserved" to die, but because it was the only way of preventing further harm.

All that said, I'm not exactly going to be up in arms if the oppressed decide to lynch their oppressors. It's an understandable human reaction to living under oppression for so long and to be absolutely clear I don't think anyone is wrong to feel this way.