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mouse wrote

Luckily the chances of becoming suicidal in those first weeks are fairly low. Still awful if his parents forced him into that but maybe they were just trying their best.

Personally I get a little uncomfortable with these completely anti-perscription takes from some anarchists because I can almost guarantee I would be dead without access to antidepressants.

I'm sorry about your friend. Something is very wrong to make us all so alienated.


Catsforfun wrote (edited )

Those pharmaceuticals do help some people, but they also hurt lots of people. I personally don't understand why someone would want to take psych drugs but I've also never been helped by any at all. Even if it was going to help me, the abusive system absolutely would have negated any positive effects.

So it's the system of power that we hate and also it's a role of powerlessness being sold to us. And the bad corporate science too.


bloodrose wrote

I'm not 100% anti-prescription. We live in a fucked world. Do what you gotta do. I was on meds for a long time. I wouldn't have made it through without meds at that time. It turned out I was medicating myself to accept an abusive person but I couldn't have gotten through to notice the gaslighting had I not been put on things that took away my emotions. I'm never going on meds again but I wouldn't judge a soul for being on them. I understand.

My friend, well, his parents were psychiatrists - both of them. They knew the possibility of suicide as a "side-effect" and they put him on the meds and then didn't monitor him and left him alone and...well, I still don't forgive them. Maybe when my kid is a teenager, I'll understand and forgive...but not yet.


mouse wrote

I plan on going off antidepressants at some point as an adult... maybe around age 25. Its just not something I can do right now, and if i stay on longterm theres always the risk of altering my neurochemistry or having to continuously up the dosage.