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existential1 wrote

Yeah, discrediting because of mental health issues is just not ok. Stick to the content, the argument, and dissect that. But don't act like dealing with bipolarity is a reason to shame someone. That's just grotesque behavior.

And furthermore, Kanye has given people LOTS of things to criticize him about. This particular tact is completely unnecessary if you want to make him seem out of touch.


jonniedarc wrote

Yeah it's infuriating really. It's really obvious that the tone of criticism changes completely when we're talking about a person who is mentally ill, especially if they're black, where commentators will act really paternalistic and scolding. Like please, criticize what he's saying like you would anyone else and stop acting like his shitty opinions are caused by the mental illness he's bravely come forward to speak publicly about.

If anything this is a lesson in why you should never identify yourself as mentally ill to the general public because they will always use it against you somehow.