Random disassociatiom

Submitted by Faolinbean in MentalWellbeing

Do you ever feel like you're separate from yourself all of a sudden, like the you in your head is floating away or is underwater and can't hear anything? It makes you wish the sky would swallow you. I wish I could float away or be swallowed be stars...


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Dystopia_Drifter wrote


Yes, currently trying to shake off a case of that. I just came back from the doctor, it went something like this:

Me: Hi, apparently I have mental health issues that have gone undiagnosed and untreated. I would like sign up for disability.

Doctor: It says here there has been no history of issues. Prove it

I find assessments particularly taxing: "Hey y'know all that shit you have trouble facing? Bring it to the surface, but we won't offer consultation or tools to navigate that today. No, no, you will have to wait for our call in 3-5 weeks."

I left the medical building overwhelmed with euphoria, I was slowly making my way back home, fumbling shit in my pockets and I dropped my weed. I had to backtrack several blocks but I did find it.


Catsforfun wrote

yeah.... there are usually triggers. Try to identify triggers. Grounding exercises and mindfulness. parts work even. general mental health maintenance. it only happens to me when my mental health has gotten really bad or i've been triggery.