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I had to remove the link, but there is a small peer support forum that is still active. The moderator is old school KISS tech philosophy, rural and on a slow satellite internet connection, and qualifies for the Senior Citizen discount so doesn't have time for trolls and concerned but confused friends and family members right now.

Ashspace and the asbs IRC channel were apparently taken over by trolls which is where all the misunderstandings and disinformation on the internet came from in the first place.

There are no "pro-suicide" sites on the web where Little Johnny is being groomed to ctb in Middle School when he doesn't really want to and given explicit recipes for DIY cyanide pills, just a bunch of gloomy gusses who have the good sense not to want to burden close friends, families, coworkers, colleagues, and fellow hobby forum posters with problems that aren't going to be solved with medication but will eventually recede again just like the tides on the beach or a cold or the flu if that analogy works better for you.

Nothing to see here folks, move right along.....or PM me for the forum link if you're one of us.


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happy wrote

I wish this was still a thing. Ive been battling minor depression for a while (undiagnosed cause US medical system is so great) and just recently had a bout of much more severe depression and now im in a very weird self-reflective depressed mental state. I scared to get older if for the only reason is the very possibility of my deteriorating mental health.


OldHippieChick OP wrote (edited )

It's still a thing, just no discussion of methods for legal reasons and because of trolls; lmk if you want the link and didn't get it already. I have ethical issues about leaving it up here, but the community seems very accepting and helpful at superficial first glance, just not very large or active.

If you were an asher, I would suggest wgetting the archives ASAP; even though most of the links are dead now, there is valuable information that should be preserved for future generations.

Fuck copyright.