Any rad resources on not smoking weed?

Submitted by kore in MentalWellbeing (edited )

I've seen a lot of pamphlets floatin around lately about alcohol in anarchist spaces and as a recent cigarette and weed dependent it's been pretty helpful. I was just wondering if anyone had come across similar things that are specifically about smoking. I'm really glad that I quit but I'm still having trouble framing my thoughts and being back at school with all the stress really just makes me want to smoke for the release.



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Pop wrote

Haven't, sorry
Closest I know of is this zine about tobacco smoking


kore OP wrote

alright, guess I might have to write it then


libre_dev wrote

Haven't seen anything like that, but I can share that I've given up weed because of it triggering my anxiety. At least while I'm still single. I probably used it as an antidepressant for a while, but it's equally likely that it makes depression worse


AudibleAnarchist wrote

I had a friend in high school who started smoking weed. Nothing bad really came of it but he was kind of a pain to be friends with. I don't know if this helps.